Friday, July 13, 2012

I’m feeling less complain-y

Our plumbing is finished!  Woo to the hoo!  We have a new water line and a new sewage line…and I swear to you that our water tastes better than it ever has before.  And of course, we are leaving this weekend.  We just have two-ish things to do tomorrow, and Andy’s parents are coming for a last run-through…and the we are going to move out on Sunday morning.  I’m excited/scared/nervous/sad.  All at once. 

So I’ve been reading a lot this week to avoid my real emotions.  I checked out the book Maine by J. Courteney Summer on my Kindle….and it was beautiful and aching and sad and lovely all at once.  It was a good summer book…not too fluffy…I find that I don’t love fluff…I want a book to have some substance, something to sink into.  And now I’m also reading Cutting for Stone by Abraham Verghese.  I have a subscription to Entertainment Weekly (thank you Amazon for a 15 dollar subscription that makes me happy every Friday…it’s 25 now..but I got it for 15 around Christmas) and I went through and added every book that they recommended that looked interesting to me to my Amazon Wish List last week.  Then I went through the Overdrive site and added all of them that were available to my Wish List/Holds to check out on my Kindle.  I am on the wait list for three other books right now….and if we end up in the neighborhood we are looking at, I think we’ll have access to a library that uses the Overdrive ebook system…so that’s even more exciting….because it would be sad to lose that ability after having it this year.  My next books are Death Comes to Pemberley, The Tiger’s Wife, and Age of Miracles.  And I’ve been reading my way through the Jane Austen canon…so far this summer I have read Emma, Persuasion, and Northanger Abbey (and Pride and Prejudice…but I’ve read it once a year since high school).  And I have come to a conclusion….if Liam ever has a sibling, and that sibling is a girl, I’d like to name her Anne Elliot Cook….because I am completely smitten with Anne Elliot from Persuasion.  And also, I would like to start collecting the Penguin Classics hardcover additions of some of my favorite classics because they are absolutely stunning.  I also read The Happiness Project (L. Keller…you are so getting that book for’ll love it) and she talked about making modest purchases that bring you happiness…and I decided that that would definitely be a happy thing for me….having beautiful copies of books I love (kept out of the reach of my son whose favorite game is throwing things).

So there’s a whole big blob of text that explains my life avoidance strategies :)..ha!


Snap, Crackle & Pop said...

The Happiness Project is a great book! Madee, Mallory and I bought it one weekend at Purdue and we made our own book club based just off it!

Snap, Crackle & Pop said...

Also, if you would like a hard copy of the Happiness Project you can have mine...I don't exactly have time to read it again.

Oh yeah- if you want to avoid anything else, I always love talking to you!