Monday, July 2, 2012

An update of sorts

These past several weeks have been a whirlwind.  We have spent our days cleaning, packing, painting, and fixing all those little odd jobs that you mean to get to when you own a house, but put off for whatever reason.  We also had a crazy expensive plumbing job that destroyed our front yard and still hasn't been finished...which is certainly not what you want to have happen as you're putting your house on the market.  But it happened.  So in the last month, we have worked our tails off, depleted our savings account to an uncomfortable level, finished everything we can in our house, put our house on the market, watered new grass like mad (because the plumbing issues that were supposed to cut a four foot swath through our yard ended up destroying 85 percent of the front yard and part of the back), had Andy's debit card shut off for fraudulent activities, had our car literally stop accelerating as we drove up a hill on our way home (that was yesterday....we think it must have been low fuel), and chased our exuberant 13 month up and down and all around.  And then the little things...cancelling appointments, last lunches with friends, good-byes, cramming in one last dog haircut and vet appt. so you have a few months to figure out that.  Crying over losing your pediatrician (for real...I love her).  Trying to not buy groceries, but also not being able to live on condiments alone.  So...we're tired.

 But it's okay.  Andy's last day at his old job was Friday (of course...he's been there since 7:30 this morning working and fixing stuff) and he doesn't start his new one until July 16.  So we have two weeks off.  Two weeks where we just have to finish the last few things on our list (paint one piece of trim, stain one door...paint the soffit and try to make sense of the yard once the new sewage and water lines are hooked up) and hope that someone wants to see our house.  Then we move to Indy.  Where we will stay with Andy's parents until our house sells and we buy a new one.  We have already narrowed down what neighborhood we want to live in based on price and location (outside the loop...on the northwest side of town), so we are ready to start checking out some houses there.  We may do that next week with some of our "off" time.  Andy and I have never had two simultaneous weeks off in the history of our marriage, so I'm excited to see that.

That's pretty much where we are right now.  Liam has been a real bright spot in the insanity because that kid is a riot.  As of this morning, he's in love with his own reflection in the oven glass....he will stand in front of the oven and try to touch his reflection...and then he starts leaning to one side, and then to the other, and laughing at himself.  And that makes this mama laugh and forget about the insanity for a brief moment :)

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