Thursday, July 12, 2012

Last days

Tomorrow is likely our last day in town.  Our plumbing issue still isn’t fixed, but I can’t talk about it without getting really angry about it.  It’s getting closer.  But still not completed…today the contracting company came out and dug a hole in our curb/yard that was 12 feet deep and about 6 feet wide.  They hooked our sewage line up at the street, but our plumber didn’t come hook his lines up…so the job that we paid for four weeks ago still isn’t complete, and we are still using the rusted water line and collapsed sewer line.  The plumber is supposed to be out in the morning to finish his part…and then the construction company will be back on Monday to reinstall a curb for the city.  We need the plumber to get the large hole in our front yard filled (seriously….it’s a 6 by 6 hole right underneath the office window that’s been blocked off with Danger tape for four weeks) so we can fix the flower bed, add a few plants, mulch it, and move.  We leave for Indy Saturday sometime.  Just about everything else is finished…I just have to pack our clothes/toiletries/etc.  And we need to take apart Liam’s crib to take with us, and leave the house show ready.  We had a showing last Monday, but we haven’t heard anything from it.  So we also need to contact our realtor and get him a key to our house because he was supposed to have put a lockbox on it this week and hasn’t.  So…basically….we are leaving with a kind of bitter taste in our mouths.  Our church hosted a lunch for our family last week that was really sweet, but there have been so many bad things and so many instances where we have been jerked around lately that I am ready to go.  I want this house sold, and I want to move on.  I will dearly miss our friends and our church, but right now, the town isn’t endearing itself to me one bit.  I keep telling Andy that the next few months are probably going to be rough…but six months from now, it will all be over with…and we just need to stick it out.  I’m just focusing on happy things—like going to the Ft. Wayne Zoo with Mariah and Shannon and Theodore and Liam…and the 4-H fair…and seeing my sister….and probably going to Target next week with Andy’s mom and Liam.

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