Friday, September 28, 2012

I may have to quit watching Up All Night

I have a problem.  I covet the toys that baby Amy on Up All Night has.  Well...I covet a lot of things on that show.  Pretty much their living room, kitchen, and bedroom.  Like I keep meaning to pause Hulu and take a picture of the rooms so I can identify what I love in each room.  But I love a lot of their baby stuff too.

Last week it was the high chair.  I discovered it's OXO's Sprout model.  And I want it.  Because we are having major high chair issues.  We went with just a booster seat for Liam, which was all well and good when he was a sweet little thing, but now I'm pretty sure he's going to tip over a chair in it.  And then we have been using Andy's old highchair from when he was a baby while we've been staying here, but it has no seatbelt, so Liam wants to hop up and jump around and leap out of it because apparently he's an acrobat.  The OXO chair actually has a five-point harness, so his little toosh wouldn't be going anywhere.  And when he's older and more trustworthy, it can just be a regular booster at the table with no tray.

Of course, it's stupid expensive.  But I'm trying to justify it in my mind...mostly that we haven't really bought much gear for Liam.  We basically only bought his crib and then we've bought some toys/books/clothes, but we were gifted a lot of stuff or paid for it with gift cards.  Most of his toys are from his birthday/Christmas.  I buy a few basics for each season, but my mom ends up filling out his wardrobe, and Andy's mom has been buying more since we've been here.  So we really only have big expenses in food/diapers, and food is way cheaper since he weaned from formula.  And they have the chair in stock at the Buy Buy Baby that's under two miles away.  And if I sign Andy up for their emails, I can get a printable 20 percent off coupon.  So that's how I'm trying to justify the crazy expensive high would be nice to have for any future children, and I can always send it on to my sister.  And it might just end up being a "we have a new house" splurge for Liam when we move...or I'll buy it and tell Andy not to get me anything for Christmas :)

This week I was coveting the IKEA toys on the show.  I knew that I always liked this little walker cart.  I had kind of thought it would be something he would only like for a while, so I didn't get it before.  But I realize now that he loves pushing things around, and putting stuff in baskets/boxes, and would probably actually enjoy that toy for a lot longer.

Then I saw something I had never seen before, and I nearly squealed with how much I love it.  This wooden play slide.  Liam loves the slide in the church nursery, but it's plastic and ugly and I'm pretty sure he can knock it over easy (I think the common theme running through this is that my son is a wildebeest).  Then I started looking through their other toys, and remembered how much I loved them all.  And things quickly devolved from there.  Because now I want a new house, and things to stabilize and our savings account to get healthy again (it's actually okay right now....but it won't be when we have to make a down payment on future house 2 if we ever get to that point) so I can buy Liam toys.  Yup.  That's pretty much it.  I opened a floodgate, and now I need to get it in control :) Of course, I haven't actually bought anything, so maybe it's in control-ish?

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