Thursday, November 29, 2012

Where we are

Things have been sort of at a stand-still lately, and I have very little time to I haven't really felt like updating.  We are still in Indy, still at Andy's parents' house.  Our house still hasn't sold.  And we're still just kind of in limbo.  We are living out of two bedrooms, and Liam's dresser is the top of a bed.  I have four desk drawers and a diaper box.  All of our worldly possessions fit inside one spare bedroom that's impossible to keep clean (especially with Christmas presents in there).  I have the top of a slim desk to keep everything we need...or it goes under the bed.  So...yeah.  I am so thankful for a place to stay, but it feels like we've been on a vacation of sorts for the last five months.  You know, the kind where you just want to get home and unpack?  I keep thinking of things I need/want and they are all in storage.  You won't be wasting a prayer on us right now....we really need someone to buy our house.

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