Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Our favorite sentence this week

Our favorite sentence this week has been, “Liam, your grandparents are going to have so much fun with you this weekend.”  Because my mom and dad are watching Liam for the WHOLE DAY on Saturday while Andy and I go out…to Cincinnati!!  This is big stuff—it’s the first time Andy and I will both be away from Liam at the same time (well…we went to lunch once and ran errands in Indy twice)..and only the second time I’ve been away for more than an hourish.

We keep telling Liam that, though, because he is so much fun right now.  He has figured out jumping and bouncing and does it constantly.  It starts when he’s in his exersaucer, but he will keep just bouncing up and down while we are holding or carrying him.  He is laughing so much (and screaming more too…but only when he’s left alone) and he’s so funny.  His little smile consumes his whole face—when we get him after a nap, his smile is basically his mouth opening as wide as it possibly can.  He knows what toys are and he wants them….and he chooses what to play with.  He loves Ollie so much and he is constantly trying to pet him and play with him.  Together they crack me up.  So all these combined….my mom and dad are going to have so much fun on Saturday :)

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