Saturday, November 12, 2011

An Interesting Friday Night

You know how when things happen sometimes, you think, when I get over this, it’s going to make a great story…one that will enter into the family book of tales to be retold when your kids grow up and bring home spouses and grandkids.  I feel like last night could be one of those stories :)

Andy is at his parents house.  He left last night.  He is going to see them since his dad is home, and to return Keegan.  Liam and I stayed home since his dad needs as few visitors as possible right now.

I was worn out, so I went to bed a little before 10.  I cracked Liam’s door open several inches because it gets too cold in his room if the door is shut.  I had to shut the door to our bedroom because Ollie kept trying to escape.  He wanted to stay in the living room on the back of the loveseat and stare at the front door.    When Andy’s gone, Oliver likes to take over as man of the house.  He takes his job seriously.

So….about an hour after we went to bed, I heard pounding on our front door and saw flashlights coming into the house.  You can’t even begin to imagine the panicked, sick feeling.  Oliver is losing his mind.  The police are standing at our front door.  I had to put Oliver in the office because he tried to lunge at the officer.  Those few seconds where I was putting Ollie away, I almost threw up. 

As it turns out, it was okay.  The police were there because Andy called them.  He had called the house at 10:15, and I never heard the phone.  Apparently right after he hung up, the house phone dialed him back again, but no one was there.  Then he tried calling back again and again…on the house phone and the cell phone…probably about 15 times.  I never heard the phone because the bedroom door was shut.  Or I may have accidentally silenced the ringer earlier in the day, I’m not sure.  He got panicked because he couldn’t get ahold of us, and the phone had dialed him, so he called the police to ask them to check the house.

So I assured the officers that we were fine, called my husband and assured both he and his mom that we were fine.  And then Liam woke up.  Mostly because Ollie wouldn’t stop barking.  He was a mess.  I got Liam settled back down after a bottle and a diaper change.  Ollie started to settle down about 45 minutes later, and I was eventually able to settle down enough to sleep about an hour and a half later.  At 12:30….and then Liam woke up at 5.  So we’re a little tired today.

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