Thursday, November 10, 2011

Holy 6 Months Batman!

Liam bo-piam,

You are six months old today.  That is stinking wild!  It’s gone by so quickly…sometimes I still feel like I just got my PICC line taken out two weeks ago, but then I realize, we’ve come a long way since then, sweet babe.

You are huge!  Like enormous!  Not in a bad way.  I don’t know your stats yet, but I do know that you look SOOO long to me.  I can’t get over how big you are these days.  You can squeeze into a few last 3-6 mos. things, but in the last two weeks or so, we’ve moved you up to 6-12 mos.  Or the 9 mos in Carters.  You still wear a 3 in diapers.

You like solids.  Maybe more than a bottle at times.  You really love pears, and if I mix a smidge of pear into other foods, you gulp them right down.  I made your pears in these cute little trays from IKEA, and they are about half the size of a regular ice cube…so I mix one full sweet potato with a pear, and you eat the whole thing.  Or I mix your oatmeal with pears, and you try to bite the bowl when I don’t feed you fast enough.  Sometimes, though, you’re not having it.  Yesterday you spat oatmeal all over the living room.  It was all over me, all over you, all over the Bumbo, and all over Ollie.  Because Ollie likes to sit right next to you and grab anything he can…if you spill, I have to push him back to keep him from licking you.  You spit up the other night, too, and it got everywhere.  I thought your dad was going to vomit.

You can roll over, but not well.  Your little head is too big.  It’s heavy and you don’t like to move it.  You can sit up with your hands supporting you for a few seconds, but again, your head is pretty heavy.  You can scoot yourself.  I’m not totally sure how you’re doing it.  I think you might be grabbing the carpet and pulling a little, and rocking and half rolling to get places.  I put a toy out of your reach the other day to watch you, because several times I have put you down and then taken the dogs out to the bathroom and when I came back, you were NOT where I left you.

You have the best personality.  Seriously.  You are sweet and loving and so fun.  You like to smile and laugh and play.  You LOVE your dad.  You think he’s the funniest person ever.  Seriously.  He gets face-consuming smiles and full gut laughs.  You adore him.  You are only cranky when you’re tired or don’t feel the best.  You’ve had an off week this week, and you’ve been a bit fussier, but even then, you are still so sweet.  Most mornings when you wake up, you laugh and shout in bed playing with your giraffe until we wake up and come get you.

No teeth yet, but you are slobbering and chewing up a storm.  Ollie destroyed your favorite teething toy the other night.  You are both very aware of each other’s toys, and often try to trade.  I keep pulling his toys out of your mouth, and chasing him away from your toys.  I told your dad that Christmas morning will be interesting—you’ll both be more interested in the other person’s toys!

We celebrated your first Halloween—you were a dinosaur!  We didn’t actually do anything, but you wore your little costume.  I am excited for your first Thanksgiving and Christmas—they will be here so soon!  Today is a pretty big day, too.  Your Grandpa Cook is supposed to come home from the hospital today, and I kind of love that it’s on your half-birthday.

Liam Cook, we love you so stinking much.  We can’t get through a day without one of us gushing about you—our sweet thing.  We love the crap out of you kid :)

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Snap, Crackle & Pop said...

Danielle thinks Liam is too smart for his own good. I told her that he only moves when you are not around and she started laughing because that is what she did when she was little...and she only did it so her parents would give her everything and she didn't have to move. Thinking about, I think she might be right. :)