Friday, September 16, 2011

Liam at four months

Bitty Babe,

You are four months old now—a third of a year old (not a quarter, like I kept saying…your dad pointed out that there aren’t sixteen months in a year).  You have been so much fun this month—it’s an honor and a delight to be your Mommy.

You are wearing a size 3 disposable diaper, and you are into your BumGenius cloth.  You are still mostly wearing 3-6 mos. clothing, but some of your pants are larger…but that’s only because I don’t have anything smaller.  We’ll find out your height and weight at the doctor next week. 

You are so funny now.  We love your to pieces, and can’t get enough of you.  You laugh so hard it sounds like you’re crying sometimes.  You have the biggest smile, and you flash it almost anytime someone talks to you—today you smiled big and giggled for Miss Laurie when she held you, and you smiled when Ben was trying to crawl into your carseat and touch you.  You’re a big hit at church too, because you smile and laugh when people lean in to talk to you.  You are quite the little entertainer—just like your Daddy.  When you’re tired,though, you want none of it.  You wear out, and then you scream.  For a long time.  So we try really hard not to let you get too worn out.

We finally figured out napping for you this month.  It’s been a real blessing for me and for you.  I watch you like a hawk and as soon as you start exhibiting sleepy signs (yawning, tired eyes, glassy stares, slowing down playing), I whisk you off to bed where you take a lovely nap.  If we miss the magic moment, it’s not good.  You scream and yell and can’t calm down and can’t get a good nap.  So we work to make sure we don’t miss the magic moment.

You discovered Oliver this month.  Really, all of your toys, but you love Ollie.  You like to reach out and grab him…to touch his leg or pull his beard.  He tries to back up when he sees your hands coming.  You like playing with your toys too—you love the Exersaucer, the bouncy seat, and your activity mat.  You also really love a few very specific toys—a pull rattle from Lamaze toys, your linking rings, and the furry tag ball Miss Shannon made for you.  I keep those with us because you love playing with them.

You love fabric—your burp cloths, your curtains (you pull them over your face when you are getting your diaper changed), your bunny rabbit from Aunt Kim (you like to snuggle him in bed).  You pull things over your face and shout until someone comes to rescue you.  Your dad and I laugh so hard at you because you are just so silly.  You like to “kick back” in your bouncy seat—you flip your feet and tush up in the air while you grab your toys.  It looks so silly and so funny.  I’m thinking the bouncy seat is going to be retired soon because of this—I’m afraid you’ll kick too hard and knock yourself out of it.

You love being the center of attention.  If I put you down for too long to go do something (change laundry, grab lunch, etc) you start screaming and crying until someone comes back and talks to you.  You want us to focus on you always.  You are super funny about it.

I love you sweetheart, and I can’t wait for this next month :)



PS—I’ll add photos later—this month’s photo shoot is proving to be difficult to get

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