Thursday, September 1, 2011

Four projects for ZERO dollars!

First off, Andy and I are having a disagreement about my zero dollars claim.  I claim that since all materials for these projects were located inside our house and purchased at some point for something, the cost is associated with the previous project or use…and I am simply using what I have to make things for free.  He says that with my logic, if he went today and bought all the materials to make a house, then let them sit for a while and then made something else, the something else still isn’t free.  Then I threw a pillow at him.

But back to the real reason….I have been pinning inspiration images on Pinterest for a while now, and I hadn’t made any of my projects.  Since Liam started napping on Tuesday, I have had some time to get some things done.  I got the house cleaned and the laundry done, and then decided to do something that would make me feel more like a human and less like a person who changes diapers and feeds and sings silly songs for all of her waking hours (which I love…truly, but I needed something that would make my brain work a bit).  So I have four projects I have completed based on my Pinterest inspirations…and here they are! (Actually two of them were done before this week….I just got them hung up this week)

Project 1:

Source: via Kari on Pinterest


Project #1:


I just used Paint and typed out the words to fit the frame…changed the green to go in the kitchen and I was all done.  This has actually been sitting in the house since April, waiting to be hung…I just did it this week. 

Inspiration #2:


Project #2:


That canvas was hanging in our garage, covered with a piece of fabric.  I bought it when we first moved in, and hadn’t used it in a long time…So I painted it green.  The flowers are toilet paper rolls cut into fourths and hot glued on in that pattern.  It took maybe a month of collecting rolls to get enough…and the top right only has three petals because someone named Oliver reached up on the table, pulled one down, and ate it while I was changing his brother’s diaper.  Same kid stole a green bean yesterday when I was snapping them…and got into the trash and ate part of a bacon wrapper…then threw up the bacon wrapper all over the carpet.  But enough about my bad dog :)

Inspiration #3:


Project #3

IMG_4477 IMG_4478 IMG_4479

Yup…it’s a diaper box turned book storage container.  Mine isn’t as pretty as hers…I just hot glued it on so it looked sort of okay, and went with it.  It’s holding Liam’s most commonly read stories on a shelf in the living room (it also has my Bible study books)  Oliver kept getting into hot glue and had strings of it hanging from his beard.

Inspiration #4


Project #4

The canvas I had was one that I bought at Target a few years ago.  It’s brown with white dandelion silhouettes on it, and I still like it, and may want to use it someday in future, so I knew I didn’t want to paint over it.  I had a lot of that fabric (it’s from Liam’s crib skirt), so I just hot glued some onto the canvas, so I could cover it and remove it in the future if I wanted.  Then I found an outline of the state of Indiana and printed it out.  I traced it on cardstock, cut it out, and painted it green.  When it was dry, I used spray adhesive and glued it onto the canvas.  You’ll see this in a future project I’m working on right now.



jami said...

AH! I am SO JEALOUS of your pinterest projects! My friend Katie did the ruler wreath for my classroom door :) I want to do some! I guess thats what breaks and summer vacay is for :)

oh and i love the No. 1, 2, 3 boxes!! AHH!

Ashley said...

Jami, we always got so much done on school breaks--that's when Andy and I did our best house work...or we'd toss a whole weekend into projects and be exhausted come Monday--but I loved it.