Thursday, September 8, 2011

The diaper box made me teary

I bought diapers and wipes at the grocery store on Saturday, and instead of putting them away, I just sat them in the edge of Liam’s closet.  The other morning, I was looking at them and it hit me.  When Liam came home, he looked like the baby on the Pampers sensitive wipes box:


But now, he’s not that tiny baby anymore.  There’s no newborn left in him.  He’s totally more like the baby on the Pampers Cruisers box:


Combine that with the fact that his first year is nearly a quarter over, and I had that moment where I realized, I am going to blink and he is going to be in kindergarten.  And then I will be sending him off to college 12 seconds later.  So I got a little teary.  But then I realized, it’s okay.  I love the way he grows and changes, I love getting to see his little personality.  He’s a sweet and funny little guy.  Here he is yesterday covering his face with a burp cloth (the kid is obsessed with putting fabric in his mouth, and covering up his whole face with whatever he can get his hands on).

liam cook baby burp cloth

And after I took his burp cloth off his face (clearly, he is stunned):

liam cook baby activity mat


Anonymous said...

He is just taking after Aunt Lauren. She loved to chew on anything cloth clear through high school.

Snap, Crackle & Pop said...

High school? What are you talking about...I still do!