Wednesday, September 1, 2010

September Goals

Here’s the August list, all updated.

1. Finish the living room: hang pictures, find a few more frames, get bookshelves, make art for above television, finish pillows, etc. FAILED

2. Get all of my pictures organized and backed up in multiple places FAILED

3. Have heavy coats dry-cleaned because the cold weather will be upon us before we realize FAILED

4.Get all flower beds thoroughly weeded FAILED (that’s on the agenda for Labor Day weekend)

5.  Finish school project, get room organized and paperwork under control SUCCESS!!!  woohoo—I got one!

6. Take my daily pills daily Pretty darn close to SUCCESS

7.  Walk Oliver 4x a week FAILED—his harness is too small and needs to be replaced

8.  Put in three miles on the treadmill/elliptical at least three times a week and do leg workout daily FAILED—I made it to the gym like thrTakeee times total

9. Stay on top of finances and cleaning I’m going to label this SUCCESS since my husband complimented the cleanness of the house last week

10.  Eat out fewer than 4 times in the whole month of August FAILED—I think we were closer to 8 or 9 or 10. 

11.Read two books  SUCCESS (times a lot—I’m reading the YA books my students are and they read in about 3 hours tops)

12.  Visit the farmer’s market and buy produce there SUCCESS

And now for September:

1. Finish the living room for real, yo

2. Back up photos in multiple places

3. Have winter coats dry-cleaned

4. Weed the flower beds

5. Take my daily pills daily

6. Walk Ollie dog 4 times a week

7.  Gym—three times a week

8. Keep up with finances/cleaning

9. Only eat out on Sundays after church or when with family

10. Read two books

11. Clean the garage

12.  Get the backyard ready for its redo

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