Monday, April 19, 2010

Weekly Update 4/ 12-18

Here is a peek at the last week in the Cook house:

Last Monday, I stayed home sick from school.  I had some serious abdominal pain that kept me up most of the night and was in no shape to spend the day with high school students.  So instead I spent it with little Oliver, who can be quite needy himself.  We watched lots of episodes of Tori and Dean: Home Sweet Hollywood together, and made it through our day a-okay....which was good, since Andy didn't get home from work until after 8 that night.

On Tuesday, I returned to school, and my students were so excited to see me.  Okay, that might be an exaggeration.  Actually, it totally is.  They had to turn in essays on Tuesday, so they didn't love it.  I kind of feel like I went to the gym and we watched episodes of "Better Off Ted" (hilarious show--I still have no idea when it was on for real) on Netflix on Demand.

Wednesday is always a busy day around our house.  We started last Wednesday particularly busy--when I realized we hadn't finished our taxes.  So I had to rush to write the checks and Andy addressed the envelopes so we could mail away our money (obviously, it wasn't really ours....we had to give it back).  After school, I had a staff meeting where I learned how to properly dispose of contaminated gloves.  I also spent hours upon hours working on a grant project that has to be presented to a representative from the state late next week.  I'm pretty excited about it.  I've done a lot of the work for my group, and it's really shaping up to look good.  I told Andy that if my name is going to be on something, I need to make sure it is perfect.  I realize that's a bit prideful on my part...Wednesday night we had youth group.  We played "duck, duck, goose" and I continued in my streak of getting injured during youth group games.  First I twisted my ankle funny and it was throbbing a bit.  Then Andy wiped out right into me, and bruised my shoulder a bit.

Then came Thursday, which I think is the hardest day of the week.  Andy went out to the campground to ride ATVs with people from work (I don't really do the's not my favorite place) and I stayed home with Oliver.  Andy lost his cell phone while he was out (making the total number of phones he's lost 2, and me? 0)  I worked on more grant stuff and got caught up on some DVR'd shows.  I also realized that Lauren Graham has dated her daughter's English teacher in the last two shows she's been on--Gilmore Girls and Parenthood.  Coincidence?  Or are English teachers just really that awesome? :)

Friday was a looooong day at school.  I get squirrely, the kids get crazy, and things just seem to drag on forever.  Friday night we had small group, and it was just a wonderful time.  I feel like our little group is really bonded, and that's just a great thing.  Prime bonding example: we ate every bite of food that was brought.  There was seriously nothing left from the taco salad.  It was crazy.  I have my suspicions that dessert was entirely consumed as well, but I didn't check....we didn't get home until after ten, so I feel like I sort of fell asleep shortly afterward.

On Saturday we were up and at em early, and we went to Indy for the day.  We took Ollie to meet Andy's parents (and their dog, Keegan, of course).  The first thing little Ol did upon meeting Keegan was to bite him in the back leg.  Then he promptly ignored Keegan as Keegan chased him, sniffing and drooling.  Andy's mom played with Oliver in the backyard, having him chase her all over.  We got sushi for the first time in WAY TOO LONG.  Andy got a haircut for the first time in WAY TOO LONG.  Keegan spent the rest of the day being afraid of Oliver (there is a serious size difference between those boys--Keegan could knock Ollie over....but Oliver was totally the agressor).  We took Oliver to meet Andy's grandpa.  I love spending the day at Andy's parents--it's always so relaxing.  I played with my camera in their backyard, trying to use my zoom lens as a macro to get some up close shots in their flowerbeds.  I'm not sure how they turned out--if I have some good ones, I'll post them later.  We came home late that night....I think it was past midnight when we got back.  I do know Andy surprised me by pulling off the interstate and going to Starbucks, which was a fun little treat.

Yesterday, Sunday, was exhausting.  We were up for church and Sunday School (and we had to be there early because Andy was in the praise band).  We got invited to the college kids lunch, since only four college kids made it to church.  Then we went to Lowes (for the first time) to get some landscape fabric, mulch, and stones to build a fire pit.  We came home, I attempted to weed (it didn't happen so well) and Andy started working on the new flower garden we're building.  There is a whole section of our backyard where grass won't grow (trees, roots, shade) so we have decided to make it a flower bed.  What we didn't realize was that the space he carved out is probably equivalent to the square footage of the house.  We laid the landscape fabric and mulch we had bought, and laughed.  It didn't cover a tenth of the area.  So we went back to Lowes for trip number two.  They were sold out of the original mulch (it was a good deal--2 dollars for 2 cubic feet).  So we had to buy a different one, which ended up being a very different color.  We also discovered that our next door neighbor had been given a rooster.  A very loud rooster.  Who crowed for a very long time yesterday (and very early this morning)  In between all that, I also cleaned and dusted most rooms of the house (excluding the offices) and did four loads of laundry (which totally would have been 8-10 with the old dryer).  At 7 last night, we ran out of that mulch, and attempted to go back to Lowes.  But they were closed.  So we came home.  Andy then built a fire pit in the backyard and built himself a campfire.  I started grading essays....the ones that were turned in on Tuesday....and that' pretty much how things went until I went to bed at 10.

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