Saturday, April 10, 2010

Ollie’s first week home

Ollie Peepants has officially been a part of our family for one week today.  His name shall be Ollie Peepants  until he stops relieving himself on the carpet.  Then I’ll call him something else….because I am notorious for changing nicknames every 12 weeks or so….just ask Andy, his name changes constantly.

Oliver has been a good little boy this week.  He eats his food, drinks his water, plays like a happy boy, and is extremely affectionate.  He has started to develop a liking for cords (specifically speaker wire, my blow dryer, and my mouse) and my brown Merrells.  Those shoes are my favorite for long weeks at school, so they are up right now.  No way I’m letting him near them.

This week has been swamped.  I am sinking fast at school—the other ninth grade teacher and I do the same lessons, so we’ve been redesigning our curriculum for the last eight weeks of school (we made The Odyssey last that WHOLE time—I am so excited).  She is also the yearbook coordinator, and she has been swamped with deadlines, so I took on the ninth grade stuff and have been doing most of the lesson development.  On top of that, we are both busy grading a longer story project, and I am trying to finish up a grant presentation that’s due in two weeks.  So….my days have been FILLED.  I think by the end of this coming week, I should have a better handle on everything, and get back to normal.

Speaking of school, yesterday one of my students was trying to type the sentence, “Mrs. Cook is my ninth-grade English teacher.” but the computer kept changing it to, “Mrs. Cook is my ninth-grade anguish teacher.”  I laughed so hard I was tearing up.  I laughed and told the class, “I am Mrs. Cook, your anguish teacher, come prepared for torture on Monday.”  Thankfully they laughed too, instead of just staring blankly, which often happens.  I don’t know how many times I have to tell them that I’m funny…they just don’t always listen.

I think we have a quiet weekend.  I need to do laundry and go to the gym and grade papers and probably weed the flowerbeds.  Oliver is asleep on my lap right now; Andy went back to bed after he took Oliver out.  Once the boys wake up, I can get started on my day. 

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