Monday, March 15, 2010

Nothing Much Happening

Things are quiet.  We had a quiet weekend….I had a quiet day.  Just quiet.  Calm.  Peaceful even.  Andy got the sinus infection I had last week, and he’s been miserable all weekend.  We went the drugstore and got the good Sudafed last night.  I guess it’s been a while since I bought that because I had no idea they scanned your driver’s license and put you in “the system.”

While we were at the drugstore last night, we were parked by a carload of sophomores from my class last year.  They waved and shouted at me.  Then at the gas station, another former student screeched out the window to ask if I wanted a glow stick.  Sometimes it’s really hard to be a high school teacher.

I think that’s another reason I like to leave town often—I can just be Ashley, not Mrs. Cook.

Today my classes started an assignment that I would have loved as a ninth grader—they get to write their own tall tale or myth.  It’s our really rough intro into the concept of mythology (so when we really start discussing Greek mythology they might get that it’s not real).  I’m so excited to see what they come up with.  I have some really funny, really creative kids, so I’m hoping for some really great samples. 

We’re starting a unit on basic parts of speech after spring break (NEXT WEEK!) and I am up to my ears in subordinating conjunctions and prepositional phrases and past perfect progressive verb forms.  It’s always really exhausting for me right before we start a big grammar unit because I have to teach myself the material.  I never had any formal grammar instruction after Mr. Brindle made us memorize thirty prepositions in the seventh grade.  I keep catching my own mistakes.  And other people’s, too.  Actually, the more I study it at school, the more I realize that a lot of people mess up a lot of stuff.  Like that sentence right there.

And that’s about it.  Honestly.  Nothing is happening here.

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