Saturday, March 20, 2010

Favorite Things: Start of Spring Break Edition

1. Small group last night.  It was wonderful.  At one point, we were sitting in the living room of a dear, sweet couple the age of my grandparents, with the spring breeze blowing in, the birds chirping, and the group praying.  It was so close to perfect I nearly cried.

2. My favorite facial exfoliate-r (spell check says exfoliant isn’t a word)

Mix together into a paste, apply and rinse.  Two days of this have removed a nasty dry mark across my whole left cheek that came from a face wash that burned my skin.

3. The Shopaholic book series.  I had read the two that our library had sometime last year….but I downloaded the rest on my Kindle this week and read them.  Mercy, they have no value other than entertainment, but I sure did enjoy them.

4. Tonight we get to enjoy all of these things:

5. It’s spring break!  And I am going home for a few days, and getting a pedicure with Mom and Lauren, and hanging out with my parents, and finding new clothes for my mom because she’s gotten gobs and gobs of compliments on the clothes I picked out for her at Christmas :) (It might not really be gobs and gobs, I may have made that up)


Anonymous said...

in what portions do you use the "exfoliant?" Is it like a tablespoon to a few ounces or like a half cup to 8 oz? I think this might help me...

Ashley said...

I usually go about a 1/2 c. sugar and just enough water to make it a spreadable paste. You don't want it too dry, or it won't spread. And if it's too runny, you can always add more sugar. Just mix it all together. It keeps too, in a Tupperware container if you have too much.