Tuesday, December 22, 2009

The weekend in which we visited three establishments in one strip mall, among other things

Here is last weekend, in brief notation form.

-Friday—last day of classes.  Played Apples to Apples with my students.  They don’t know any of the cards—“Who’s Richard Nixon?” “Who’s Cher?” It was wild.

-Friday—Dinner at Tapatio’s.  Esther Bible study.  Perfect time with sweet girls.

-Friday—Andy gone to IU for a few hours…falling asleep on the sofa watching a movie.  Perfect :)

-Saturday—to Indy.  Sushi at Tomo on Keystone.  Possibly the best sushi I’ve ever eaten.  Ginger dressing less mayonaise-y than in S. Indiana and N. Kentucky—I like it.  Clear broth soup fabulous…spicy tuna roll not too spicy, but super tasty.  All in all—a perfect lunch. 

-Saturday-Andy’s hair cut three buildings down from Tomo.  (It’s about time—he had little curls on the back of his neck) Stylist flirted with him incessantly.  Andy bought his first ever hair product.  I got tickled.

-Saturday—Target.  My straightener broke, and I needed a new one.  Andy found out how much a Chi costs, and nearly swallowed his tongue.

-Saturday—chocolate carmels with sea salt.  YES!

-Saturday—Trader Joe’s for brown rice penne pasta (Mom, I’ll bring it with me) and brown rice crackers.  Also, some Thai red curry sauce, quinoa, and salt and pepper potato chips.  Drooling in Trader Joes.  Almost excited that wheat makes me sick so I have an excuse to go back often—like every time we’re in Indy!

-Saturday—at Penn Station for dinner.  It was so worth the stomach ache to eat that bread.  But nothing else has been since.

-Sunday-left Indy at six to go to a wedding in Detroit.

-Sunday—passed my mom and dad’s at 7 am.  Felt weird not to see them.

-Sunday—arrived at the synagogue an hour early.

-Sunday-restrooms in Jewish synagogue (temple?) do not have toilet paper.  Only a basket of napkins.  Someone says they look like they came from the Dairy Queen.  (It was not Andy who said this)(Or his dad) I dropped the basket trying to grab a napkin and spill them all over the floor.

-Sunday. Andy’s cousin D. (the groom) explains some of the traditions and things of the Jewish wedding.  He reads us part of his wife’s ketuba (marriage contract).  It’s so completely different from anything I’ve ever experienced.

-Sunday- Through the wedding—hearing all the Hebrew, seeing the tradition.  Very unique experience.

-Sunday—Finish lunch, sneak out…on the road again.

-Sunday—Arrive in Indy, back to the same strip mall with Tomo and hair place….this time for Qdoba.  I have Qdoba for the first time since the day after Christmas last year.  Thank Andy 36 times because he doesn’t like Qdoba, so it’s a big sacrifice on his part

-Sunday-finally arrive home at 10:30 pm.  Worn out.

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