Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Ich liebe es

Four years ago, I spent the summer overseas.  Instead of saying, “I love it” about everything that we adored…we Germaned it in our American way and would say to one another, “Ich liebe es”

Since then, I have mostly switched to calling everything under the sun “my favorite” (so much so that my husband and some of my student’s will look at me and ask, “Let me guess…it’s your favorite?”)

But today, I’m falling back on an old Freiburg standard…Ich liebe es.  In no particular order, a few things that I am loving right now.

--NCIS—I can’t get enough of this show

--Andy’s obsession with Cobra Starship and the oh-so-classy “Good Girls Gone Bad.”  He downloaded it and plays it over and over again

--Burt’s Bees herbal blemish stick (seriously…I had major blemishes not seen this side of a 15 year old male…and in two days time they are gone)

--Fall Break (no school until Monday!)

--Coffee, in copious amounts

--My 30 day trial of LanSchool (an awesome program for 1:1 computer classrooms)

--Reliving favorite “The Soup” moments on YouTube

--Singing Britney with my husband

--This conversation: ANC—I want to write a song; AAC—I think I broke the DVR; ANC—Do you even listen to me; AAC—Yes, I was hoping you weren’t listening to me

--New tennis/gym/runningwhatever shoes


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