Thursday, January 10, 2013

Today and things

First off, I am hangry.  On day 3 of hangry, actually.  Hangry is a combination of hungry and angry...the kind one gets when one decides to get off one's lazy arse and finally start addressing the problem of being an elephant.  So I'm three days in, and I think soon I will adjust.  It's not too bad most of the time...just occasionally, and that's when I get hangry.  And hateful.

Also, I'm insanely sleep deprived.  And just a general mess.  Liam has been sick this week, and contrary to my beliefs otherwise, a sick child is not a sleepy child.  I don't know when the whole "lay on the couch and watch movies while eating chicken soup whilst ill" age starts, but I'm ready for it.  Because the run around the house screaming and slamming my head into things whilst throwing rampaging fits and sleeping 3-4 hours less each day age isn't fun.  In fact, on multiple occasions this mornings I declared that my s%&* had been lost.  Sorry for the is what it is.

Liam has a new obsession.  One Direction.  As in, the boy band from Great Britain.  He's totally in love with their music videos (only 3...the other 2 he didn't care for).  As in, we have watched "Kiss You," "What Makes You Beautiful" and "Live While We're Young" at least 10 times each the past three days.  He jams with them and gets really into it.  I think it's hilarious.  Andy wants to try other songs.  Unfortunately, it's somewhat difficult to find music videos that I think are okay for him to we're sticking with the boys of One Direction. Even if Liam is trying to imitate Harry Styles just a touch too much.

Also, side note.  The hair.  I am becoming increasingly obsessed with the hair.  On all of them.  It's insane.  In a good way.  It makes me wonder if Drew texted Nick to say, "Dude, in our day we just had to frost our tips and gel that %*$ up."  Yes, Drew and Nick Lachey.  Of 98 Degrees fame.  What, you don't think they watch the boy bands of today and compare them to their glory days?

Liam has other interests too.  He has recently (in the past week) started to like the show Word World, which makes me happy.  I've been pushing for it.  He is less interested in Sesame Street...he only watches the street scenes and Super Grover 2.0, or special songs.  He watches a few minutes of Chuggington, Jake and the Neverland Pirates, and Sofia the First.  And all of that adds up to about 42 minutes of television a day.  And we run and play and go crazy the rest of the time.  He really loves his trains (he knows the two Chuggington trains he has, and will bring them over if you ask), and his lacing beads and sushi set.  He can't lace his beads on a string, but he's good at putting them on a straw.  He's starting to recognize colors and can point them out.  He is picking up new words, slowly, but surely.  He doesn't say a lot, but he takes in a lot.  So I figure when he does start, he will take off.  He eats a ton of food.  I told Andy that I think he and I are probably consuming about the same number of calories a day.  I get kind of jealous when I'm feeling especially hangry.  And that's all for now...I need to go exercise.

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Shannon E said...

So much like Theo in his interests, reminds me of his earlier days. He went through a stage of Super Grover too, and I swear Word World alone taught him all his letters. He can pretty much point and identify all his letters now, and I really have never worked that hard on letter identification yet. And trains are taking over this tiny apartment.