Monday, January 21, 2013

House update (not a happy one)

We got an update from our realtor today.  Sadly, it was more of the same.  The house has been shown seven times in the past two weeks, and everyone says it looks like a really great house, but no one's buying.  He told Andy that they aren't selling much at all in town right now.  We dropped the price another 5k, so we are officially at 10k less than we paid for it...we'll be lucky to get a few thousand (like 3, maybe, tops) in the sale of it.  So I need to start cutting more out of our budget to put more into savings to make a down payment on house #2.  Awesome. Really, really awesome.  Nothing like a deficit of close to 30k (what we will lose on the sale...the 10k that went into the sewer line in June and the other stuff we did to fix it in the five years we lived there) into a house to make your Monday really great.

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