Monday, January 23, 2012


--I just discovered this morning that our library now supports library loans on the Kindle…this is super exciting.  I’m working on downloading what I need to make it work right now.  I am beyond pumped.  This is a real gamechanger!

--Liam is trying to learn how to crawl.  He can kind of army crawl sometimes…and he face plants a lot, which is sort of funny.  The things he is most interested in crawling towards: rawhide, electronic cords (I’m fixing that), and the hardwood floor in his bedroom (he likes to smack it with his hand).  That’s kind of weird, right?

--Speaking of Liam, he’s coming into his own in eating—he’s getting really good at feeding himself.  Yesterday he ate puffs, yogurt melts, chicken, cheese, apples, and something else I can’t remember right now.  I just remember thinking he had packed away a lot of food for such a little fella.

--Next Wednesday Andy and I are going to Indy for the day to be in the audience for a taping of Late Night With Jimmy Fallon.  We had talked about taking our first away trip from Liam sometime next year…and we had discussed going to NYC because we both love the city.  The one thing we wanted to try to do was be in Jimmy’s audience…and then a few weeks ago, I saw on his show that they were taking the show on the road to Indy for the Super Bowl…so I signed up for tickets—and we got them!  We’re both WAY excited.

--And this dumb, but I want to share anyway— has the best customer service.  Seriously.  A few months ago, a package I ordered was missing two items, and I called them and they shipped them right out…like they were here a day later.  The lady I talked to was super sweet and apologetic.  And, they email you if their original time estimate is off to apologize for any delays in receiving your packages.  I for real love this company and their services.  And their diaper prices aren't bad either..ha!

--And lastly, I’ve been rearranging furniture, and I like it.  I rearranged our living room three times in the last week (in all fairness…the first two were me…the last one was because I needed to put the pack and play back up…someone needs to be corralled when I take the dog out…Andy gets into everything…sorry..I crack myself up).  I rearranged Liam’s room, and I like it so much more…I also bought some art to hang in Liam’s room…I just need to get frames.  And I rearranged our room and I love it!  I need a new dresser (I’m currently using the chest of drawers that was Andy’s as a child…yeah.  That doesn’t work)…and I think if we can find a nice dresser (not a chest), and work on the art/décor in our room (and change the light fixture…boob lights be gone!), I’ll love it too.

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