Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Liam at 8 months

I really cannot believe that Liam is 8 months old today.  This year has flown.  Seriously.  Liam is still the sweetest thing, but he is definitely starting to exert some independence this month.

So here we go…Liam this month you:

--Celebrated your first Christmas….3 times over.  Each time, you were more interested in the wrapping paper and got kind of overwhelmed and cried.  You wanted to play with wrapping paper and eat it…you didn’t really care about your presents…we figured out the best way for you to open presents on the third try…Aunt Lauren opened your presents for you and you watched and laughed. 

--Your Aunt Lauren and Great-Aunt Cris taught you how to bang on your booster seat tray and you think that is the greatest thing ever.  You do it before dinner, and when you are finished eating.  You also really love the high chair toy your Grandma and Grandpa Cook gave you.  You hate being spoon fed, but you like to feed yourself.  I’ve all but given up on spoon feeding you…I’m half tempted to give the leftover baby food I have to Miss Mandy for their new baby because I’m pretty sure you won’t eat it.  I tried to give you some baby food turkey and you threw up everywhere.  You also threw up real turkey at Grandma and Granddad’s house….I’m wondering if there is a connection.  We did figure out your bottle—we changed the nipple size and that’s made all the difference in the world.

--You like it when we give you “fingers” of food…you can hold on to them and bite off the ends.  Sometimes you eat well and sometimes you swish stuff around in your mouth and spit it back out.  Broccoli stalks seem to be your favorite…at least to grab onto and suck on.  You also like dark meat chicken (white is too dry and you get it stuck on the roof of your mouth), whole green beans, slices of sweet potato, apples, mangos, and ground beef.  We just separate out a little of our dinner for you and make sure it isn’t salty, and you eat it.  For instance, on Monday we had chicken breast, broccoli and tomatoes, and salad…and you ate some chicken, some broccoli, and cucumber.  Last night we had whole roasted chicken and green beans, and you had both of those things.  Tonight we’re having Mexican lasagna, so you will get some of the meat (without seasoning) and some cucumbers from the salad…and I may give you a little banana.

--You have stayed alone in the church nursery and you love it.  The workers are so sweet with you, and I think Mr. Jim is your favorite.  They said you sat on the floor and played with him the whole time on Sunday.  You were so happy and just smiled away when Daddy and I came to get you.

--You can throw a serious temper tantrum.  You and Ollie are having some toy troubles….you want to play with each other’s toys, and when he takes his toys back (or I take his toys away from) (or I take something away from you that you shouldn’t have) you scream and scream and arch your little back. 

--Your sleep has been less than ideal this month…You are trying to make your morning nap at 11 instead of at 9, which is fine if we are out somewhere, but you get fussy at home.  So we’re figuring that out.  Thankfully the weather has been mild the last 4 or 5 days and we have put your daddy’s jogging stroller to good use.

--You love rolling.  You are a rolling fool.  You will roll the entire length of living room just for the heck of it.  I have to put you in your Exersaucer to take Ollie potty or you will roll and get into something while I’m outside for all of one minute.  We put your Exersaucer in the kitchen and you hang out in there with me while I cook dinner and do dishes. 

Miss Jodi told us that one of the men at church had said that you should be the poster child for people who want to have babies—because you’re so gosh darn cute and sweet.  And we couldn’t agree more!

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