Friday, June 10, 2011

Liam at one month

Liam, you are one month old today.  I can hardly believe it.  I told Daddy this morning that for as long as the nights have been, these past few weeks sure have flown by.


Right now, you wear mostly 0-3 mos. clothing.  Sometimes I put you in 3-6 mos, mostly because you have more of them and I don’t putting things over your head that feel tight.  You outgrew the newborn disposable diapers we had for you, and we’ve had to loosen the snaps on your cloth diapers. 

You had your one month well check today, and you weighed 9 lbs. 10.5 oz. and you were 22 inches long.  Dr. Holly said we should keep doing what we’re doing because you are a healthy boy. 

You had an ultrasound on your hips this morning too, and the technicians kept going on and on about how sweet you are—it happens everywhere we go.  You just attract attention with your cute face and your sweet personality :)


(For that picture, Mommy stuffed you in a basket and laid you on Ollie’s sheepskin rug—Daddy was horrified)

Mister, you still have thrush.  You’re going on four weeks with it.  In your first month of life, you’ve had thrush, a fungal diaper rash, and a staph infection, and you never once complained.  Dr. Holly gave us a new prescription, so hopefully it will clear right up.

For the first two weeks of your life, your grandmas stayed with us.  Mommy and Daddy are so thankful for their help—with everything that surrounded your birth, we couldn’t have done things on our own.  You are a very blessed boy with two wonderful sets of grandparents who love you very much.


Your days look like this: Wake up at 7:30, eat, diaper, fall back asleep.  When you wake up between 9:30 and 10:30, you eat and get your diaper changed and usually stay awake a few hours.  You spend some time in your bouncy seat, we sometimes read a story, or we look at your black and white cards (you totally love the animal one Miss Shannon sent you).  You do some tummy time (which you love…you like to scoot yourself around some during tummy time too) and just kick around on your activity mat.  After your lunchtime feeding, you usually take a nap on my chest.  It’s where you sleep best, and the only way we’ve found for you to a really good afternoon nap.  You usually stay awake a little while in the evening too, and this is when you play with Daddy or watch Ollie or do the same things you did in the afternoon.  We try to take a family walk which you love…your stroller is one of your favorite places).  Then we either hang out, or it’s time for you to be fed and put to bed.


Mister, you are loud.  Not so much crying loud, but you make noises all the time.  Especially in your sleep.  Your monitor kicks on lots, and Mommy and Daddy always listen to hear if you are going to keep on making noises or just stop.  If you stop, then it’s just a sleep noise.

Oliver loves you so much, and you love him.  You aren’t phased by his barking at all.  He is jealous of you, and shows it by laying down next to us when we’re holding you or feeding you, and then he sighs and looks at us with sad eyes out of the corner of his eye.  It’s a real show.


You started lifting your head off our shoulders during burps when you were less than a week old, and sometimes you are incredibly violent about it.  Last week you popped me in the lip and it hurt!

When you are hungry and we aren’t feeding you fast enough, you start chewing on your own fist and you get what we call “crazy eyes”


Your favorite thing in the world is to be held and snuggled close.  I love it.  I told Daddy that I will snuggle you as much as you want because you’ll only be my sweet baby once, and our time with you like this is so fleeting. 


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