Saturday, November 7, 2009

What We’ve Been Up To: A Photo Essay

Here is a photo essay of the past week of our lives

We learned to make California rolls


And ginger salad and gyoza



We made up some dessert sushi


We went for a hike in the woods with some friends


We broke down and bought a Neti pot (my new BFF)


We ordered take out sushi and nearly fainted from the joy of eating a spicy tuna roll in our home

The Year 2009 1433

We got Andy’s new glasses

The Year 2009 1442

The Year 2009 1443

We hung out and relaxed late Friday night

The Year 2009 1438

We rode ATVs



Anonymous said...

You lie. You are a liar. You did not ride an ATV.

P.S. I'm planning your trip to WL/Indy (I'm not sure which yet) and it's going to be a blast. Hope you can come!

Ashley said...

I wish that I could deny that I did. But I did. Apparently it's part of Andy's job now. And he's been begging me to go since June. So I finally gave in.

I'm excited for my trip :) I need to get away from here (clearly). I'll figure out a weekend

Anonymous said...

Will you please reintroduce Andy to me when you are home for Thanksgiving? I may not recognize him anymore!